Formal report on a business or social problem

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Homework Help

A formal written report (200 points) due on or before Sunday, April 24. You will write a formal analytical report on a business or social problem of your choice. This report must be word-processed, using APA format for citations and references, but please use single spacing.

Use a standard font such as Times or Arial, a font size of no more than 12 points, and side margins of no more than 1.25 inches.

Final written reports are generally approximately 13-15 pages long, including all attachments. You must cite at least 10 references; at least 5 of these must be from juried publications (research-based journals).

Textbooks do not count as part of the 10 references, but if you refer to a textbook, include it in your reference list.

This report must be word-processed and is due electronically in Blackboard on or before Sunday, April 24. Please do NOT submit a print copy.

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