Fractal Geometry Relating

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Need an argumentative essay on Fractal Geometry Relating To Dance and Leaves. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. This can be illustrated by geometrical concepts using drawings on flat space. This essay discusses this, the intriguing ubiquity relating to the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3… the golden ratio, Phi, in the aesthetic of natural as well as creation of art to our life.

The fractals started with George Cantor, German mathematician, in 1883. One of the easy ways to watch the division similar to the whole after being magnified. One of the most famous fractal is Mandelbrot set. The mathematician who created that is Benoit Mandelbrot started study self-similarity in 1960 was interested by many people in graphing some complex numbers. He applied the formula zz^2+c, which c is some real numbers and z, is a complex number, for example, “a+bi”. The computation of fractal program is based on a well known non-complex iterative some equation such as f(z)=z2+c, where z and c are complex numbers. Fractal geometry is crucial in studying complexity for many reasons. That I will explain it and relate it to the real life by dressing the fractal to dancing movement.

First reason is almost all natural objects have irregular shapes and hence require more general dimension than Euclidean geometry allows. The natural shapes have more dimension than the Euclidean geometry. Also, that shows the natural shapes can be showed with different styles and different length. For example, the movement for the dancer cannot be count or knowing the next movement how is going to be or which style going to be dressing.

Dance Company used a movement to midi converter to produce midi some sounds in respect to the motion of the dancer. This picture I’m using shows how we are not able to measure their body’s axis. Furthermore, to relate this to our nature there is a perfect example that the leaves. A leaf axis is extremely complex and has too many axis that inform to us witch is not easy to count them or measure them, based on our two detentions Fractal

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