Fraud resistant organization

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Resources Learn how one might build a fraud resistant organization by downloading and reading the 56-page document at Marks built on the fraud triangle, defining fraud, identifying red flags, and providing some preventive steps to protect again the risk of fraud. The article includes an illustration of the evolution of the fraud triangle into the Fraud Pentagon concept of the Fraud Pentagon is associated with Jonathan Marks. Learn more about his research as you access the web link Hands on Deck is an article that explains why communication is part of the process to detect and deter fraud. Notice the four-page document concludes with a survey on social media. Control of information representing the organization in all media is important, including social media. Access the document at the web page Documents/TaT_December_2013.pdfSocial Media is communication and organizations should have policies in place to guide their employees. Learn more by reading an article such as Social media policies in an organization are not limited to personal business on company time but to the risk of harm to the company itself by employee postings.Joseph Wells authored an article for the Journal of Accountancy, “Let them know someone is watching” as he explains fraud prevention and fraud deterrence. Read the article at in an organization includes all stakeholders, including customers and suppliers as well as employees. Read the article “Increasing the Perception that Fraud will be Detected” at appears in many aspects of an organization or at a personal level. Learn more about the types of fraud by reading Notice the links and additional information as you read articles in our class. We have many resources to assist you as you build your foundation knowledge and consider practical applications in the process of deterring and detecting fraud.Additional perspectives of fraud are presented as you click the links and read the web page are important tools in the management of fraud detection and deterrence. Read the article and access the links to the right of the reading panel for additional resources.Each of these learning activities, featured in the Readings for Week 3, assists in further developing your Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and completing for the projects and deliverables in our course.All Assignments are APA 12 fnt timesromain and single space.Complete the Week 3 activities listed below.Explain how our course relates to your goals at UMGC. Your explanation should include the value of at least one course resource from this week.Each student’s posting should be unique!After reading the various resources this week from the “weekly learning resources accessed here” section, answer the following questions. This exercise is intended to get you to think about the various aspects of fraud detection and deterrence.1. Select one of the readings and provide a summary.2. How did the reading relate to fraud detection and deterrence?3. What did you learn and how will you apply it going forward?

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