Freakonomics podcast death by Fire

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Freakonomics Podcast Death by Fire.electronic equipment, people forgetting and leaving their gas on, and the availability of materials that could easily catch fire around the home such as furniture.6. The discussion about creating safer cigarettes is due to the fact that cigarettes cause a lot of the home fires due to smokers leaving their cigarettes extinguishing them after smoking and placing them either knowingly or unknowingly on an ignitable surface. Cigarettes that have not been extinguished if placed on surfaces such as beds or sofas, could easily burn the mattress or sofa as even when it is not being smoked it continues to burn. An ignition safe cigarette has been proposed as the cigarette once placed down will automatically extinguish itself.7. The technology that is taking place with cooking equipment is the installation of temperature regulators that prevent cookers from getting to their auto ignition temperature and installation of motion sensors in the cooker so that if the cooker is left unattended for too long it would shut itself off.10. So many people died despite the claim that the building was fire proof since the fire escapes had collapsed and the exits were not enough for the workers, a stampede ensued which led to the workers falling on each other on the way down the stairs, The exit door to the building was locked, and the lack of fire alarms led to the workers on the nineth floor not knowing early enough that a fire had ensued meaning they did not have enough time to exit the

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