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Draw a free body diagram in an uphill orientation and apply Newton’s 2nd Law to ite. Create a model to solve part (a) and use the model to solve for the initial acceleration of an 80kg bike and rider compared to a 60kg bike and rider on a slope of 10% with no pedalling.f. Create a model to solve part (b) and use the model to solve for the same 80kg and 60kg bikes and riders on the 10% slope with no pedalling.g. The rider with the combined 60kg is able to produce 360W. The other rider can produce 460W. Calculate the speeds with which the two bikes can climb the 10% slope.h. What will the effect of adding the following elements to the cycling model have on the results previously calculated? Discuss each in turn.i. Gearsii. Inertia of rotating parts on the bicycleiii. The effective radius of the wheels and tyresiv. Moving the centre of mass up or down ; forward or back

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