From Haute Couture to High Street

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

I will pay for the following essay FROM HAUTE COUTURE TO HIGH STREET. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.g the possibility of a collaboration between this world of fashion and the diametrically opposite world of brands and labels is the basis of this study. The target segment for this collaboration would be the college going and early jobbers in the population.

The brand is termed as ‘IQ’ which literally means intelligence quotient, choice of today’s woman. The brand represents the value of respect to today’s woman of substance and also looks at educating a younger segment in the process in terms of style more than the volatility of fashion. This crowd can be converted into a loyal market base over a period of time for both the brands. The study concludes to believe the feasibility of such collaboration and the recommendation is definitely go ahead as both stand to benefit from each other considerably.

Fashion evolves in itself and that too every 10 years then the question arises is that why does it need the support of effective marketing? The objective of this paper is to not only analyze the brand names but to tap the potential market of high end fashion stores by associating it with the label, the customer would like to buy. Hence we are consulting various perspectives of marketing in fashion industry especially the necessity of such collaboration between a high end fashion store and a designer label.

1. Fashion industry works on the imaginations and creativity of the creators. For a commoner in the society the desire to look good and acceptable by the surrounding society becomes a need which is regulated by the resources that are available. Marketing sets a trend to follow by all means and the second part concentrates on the individual’s own desires to be acceptable.

2. Promotion focuses on making the customer understand the company, its policies, objectives and values. For ex: If an organization is into designer diamonds ornaments, the brand should clearly state so. Every aspect of marketing mix should take this into consideration. The prices quoted,

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