Future of education in US and saudi arabia

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Compose a 1750 words assignment on the future of education in us and saudi arabia. According to the research findings the revolution in the education sector will also result in an overall information symmetry to the residents of both countries and at large the world. The education infrastructure will also get upgraded and the funds spend on the acquisition teaching staff decline. It will become a cost cutting strategy as the education sector has over time utilized large amounts of capital that could have got utilized in developing other sectors. The overall adoption of technology in the education sector will eventually result in a declined rate of illiteracy and ignorance levels as learning shall become a progressive exercise.From the discussion it is clear that the initiation of formal education dates back to the 19th century when people saw the need of adopting a formalized educational system as opposed to the informal. The future of the education will heavily relay on the adoption of formalized systems of impacting knowledge to the students. The development agenda of the education sector will heavily rely on the methods of overcoming the barriers that have for long hindered the development and establishment of formalized education in both US and Saudi Arabia. The aim is to ensure that learning can take place anyplace anytime so long as there learner has a willingness to learn. The idea of students going to school for classes shall change and become history. It is so as classroom learning will no longer be taking place and if it happens to be shall be made for the young generation only.

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