Gaydar reflects endorsing stereotypes about gay people

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: To what extent do you believe that gaydar reflects endorsing stereotypes about gay people or automatic cateogorization.All these aspects of culture including one’s features, behavior, speech, and appearance are primary elements on which stereotypes are created. “it may be that straight men’s faces that are perceived as even slightly effeminate are incorrectly classified as gay, whereas straight women’s faces that are perceived as slightly masculine may still be seen as straight” (Tabak and Zayas, 2012).The social consequences of gaydar are almost always unfavorable. Even for a gay who uses a gaydar in his attempt to find other gays for sexual intimacy, the stereotypical judgment could bring a lot of insult and humiliation because the person being predicted as a gay might be straight despite exhibiting the traits or behaviors of a gay as per the definition conceptualized by the gaydar. In spite of the fact that modern society has weakened its ties with religion and that homosexuality has increasingly been preached as an acceptable way of life by the contemporary literature and media, coming out as a gay or a lesbian is still a taboo in some of the most modern societies of the world. Therefore, if someone is identified as a gay, this is perceived as offensive. sometimes even when the person being identified as a gay is actually a gay. When a straight person uses a gaydar, the social consequences are even worse. Using a gaydar projects a set of characteristics about the homosexual community. For example, one of the characteristics of homosexual men is effeminacy. People who use gaydar have a tendency to predict straight effeminate men as gays. This is not only humiliating for the straight men being predicted as gays, but also an invalid basis for predicting the gay men as gays. There are many masculine gay men as well just like there are many feminine lesbians.Gaydar does contribute to discrimination against gay people. For example, among the social consequences of a gaydar is a tendency for the employers to reject

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