Gender inequality

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Which theoretical perspective argues that gender inequality is reflected in language?A. interactionistB. feministC. conflictD .functionalistWhat is the term for the separation of women into non-manual labor sectors and men into manual labor sectors?A.horizontal segregationB.vertical segregationC. sex typingD. human capitalWhich of these is TRUE of transgender individuals?A. Being transgender is about sexual orientation, not gender.B. All transgender individuals identify as gay.C. Transgender individuals are less prone to social problems as compared to LGB individuals.D. Transgender individuals may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, or any other sexuality.Which country was the first country to establish a constitutional ban against discrimination based on sexual orientation?A.the United StatesB.FranceC.South AfricaD. SwedenDani does not identify with traditional norms of sexuality or gender. What term most likely applies to Dani?A.homosexualB.bisexualC. heterosexualD. queerWhich sociological perspective is likely to examine definitions and stereotypes of LGBT people in society?A.interactionistB.functionalistC.conflict theoristD.feministsAccording to the interactionist perspective, which two identities are merged when one discloses a gay identity?A.a private sexual identity with a public social identityB.a private social identify with a public sexual identityC. a master status with a minor statusD.a status with a roleWhich of these is NOT a factor that social scientists attribute to gender differences?A.socializationB.prejudiceC.discriminationD. biological differences

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