Gender roles

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Homework Help

Watch the video Gender Roles -Interviews with Kids by Advert Enticement and answer the following questions: 

1) How much do 2 year olds know about gender identity. 

2) At what age do children develop gender constancy? 

3) What did the little boy in the plaid coat have on his face? Did he show gender constancy? How did he describe the difference between boys & girls? 

4) Most of the children in the interviews gave an indication of gender role stereotypical beliefs. What were they? (3 of them). 

Part 1: Diana Baumrind’s model and description of parenting styles has had repeated support from research. From our textbook, list the criticisms of her conceptions of parenting?

Part 2: Looking back at YOUR parents, which of Baumrind’s styles did they fit into? Give specific examples. Were there times when they used methods from more than one of the Baumrind styles? Again, give examples.

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