Gendered Language Images and Context

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Gendered Language Images and Context.Author comes across a point which I find very interesting: Isn’t there the same determination on transgender people? Even among transgender individuals there’s a need to be defined rather you are a woman with a male gender, or a man with a female? Meanwhile, the main modern concern on a gender is “to free us from the bounds of enforced arbitrary behavioral norms predicted on gender” and a new category “transgender” won’t solve the problem (Green 11). Reframing Fortado, “Have you ever asked yourself what a “transgender” looks like?” (Fortado 32). Green fairly points, that gender is an absolutely private matter and too wide thing to describe within any categories (Green 14).Butler cites many postmodern authors, who used to doubt everything, and naturally, to question a whole idea of gender. There’s simply no reference for original gender, accept a social opinion on a male/ female performance (Butler 26). It makes gender rather image, created “around, on and within” the body than a real thing. In this way, gender is referred to artistic sphere, because art performances images. The origin of gender stereotypes may be found in some great books or other types of artworks and influence social expectations on males/ females. Then, may be the way to disprove gender stereotypes is also the artistic way?The site is about the one project which unites different European artists interested in question of gender and different sexuality. The goal is “to open up a civil reflection on gender and sexual orientation differences” (Performing Gender).When saying, “I am creating a boy’s world, but from the emotional center of a woman” Schorr firstly denies some strict boundaries between males and females fields of interest. Herself, Schorr is interested in boy’s world, – the world of brotherhood, – despite creating the image of that world viewed by a woman. Schorr investigates about

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