General Mills

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Do some research on General Mills, IncWhat has occurred with company’s dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share over the past three years?  Do you have any explanations for what has occurred? How does your selected company’s dividend payout, dividend yield, and dividend per share compare to other companies in its industry?  Has the company’s dividend strategy been similar to other companies in its industry?  You are now to use Excel and plot your selected company’s earnings and dividends over the past three years.  Do you notice any patterns? What is your estimate for your company’s dividend per share next year?  Please justify why you made that decision. Now locate a company that has reduced or eliminated its common stock cash dividend over the past year.  Why did the company reduce or eliminate its dividend?  What has happened to the company’s stock price over the year?General Mills Inc.ParticularsDividend per shareD/P ratioDividend yieldDiluted Earnings per share FY 2015 FY 20141.6758.392.95%2.86 FY 20131.5554.772.88%2.83 FY 20121.3247.312.69%…

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