Genetic code

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We know the genetic code is overlapping because… overlapping code would be insufficient to encode the 20 amino acidsb.single point deletion mutation will restore the normal reading framec.a single base pair substitution can only alter a single amino acidd.three single-nucleotide deletion mutations will restore the normal reading framee.None of the above23) Deleting the Lac operator (lacO) will have the same phenotype of which of the following conditions?a.lacP-b.lacI-c.LacIsd.Glucose in the mediae.A mutated lac operon CAP binding site that cannot bind CAP24) You isolate Lambda phage that will form lysogens that are resistant to induction. What would be a potential explanation for this?a.Decreased expression of cIIb.Mutated cos sitesc.Noncleavable cId.Inactive pAQe.OL and OR elements deleted25) Binding of CI to the OR2 operator site is favored by the presence of CI in the OR1 site. This is an example of:a.Exclusivityb.Cooperativityc.Enhancementd.Transcriptional inhibitione.Cis-dominance26) Ethidium bromide reduces the twist of DNA by unwinding the helix. You isolate a closed circular plasmid from E. coli (negatively supercoiled). What will the effect on the WRITHE of this plasmid be as you add Ethidium?a.Decreaseb.Increasec.No change

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