Genetic drift

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on genetic drift. Main Issue that would be investigated An in-depth analysis of the concept of evolution tends to throw up several indications. It is undoubtedly true that evolutionary process introduces new genetic information through mutation. This is done by us on a regular basis to alter specific characteristics of plants and even domesticated animals to satisfy our specific requirements. It is also an accepted scientific fact that members of the same population often show mutual genetic differences as a natural corollary to the evolutionary process. This process has resulted in extinction of species and also advent of new species as is clearly evident in plants with polyploidy. But it is not quite easy to confirm the exact path an evolutionary process would take.

One way of tracing evolutionary history of an organism would be to trace it by examining available fossils but their availability in an exact chronological sequence is also a very big question mark. Further, there is absolutely no guarantee that fossils would be discovered in exactly the same chronological order in which they had formed as new fossils keep being discovered every year. There is intense desire to know how human species has developed and study of fossils have, though provided important insights, are still not a complete and comprehensive record of our evolution as a specie.

Dating of objects found in burial sites have helped us to get a glimpse of our evolution so also study of cultures in different ages but extinction of our close evolutionary relatives prevent us from unambiguously visualizing our evolutionary process.

Research Question

In spite of the fact that humans exhibit genetic diversity and mutations through generations, does our inability to categorically chart our evolutionary process give us the right to believe that we are not subject to the laws of evolution? Reference Enger, Eldon D., Frederick C. Ross, and David B. Bailey. Concepts in Biology. Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill, 2005.

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