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Compose a 500 words essay on Based on the pic. Needs to be plagiarism free! genteuil is a riverside village along the banks of Seine and the late 18th century industrialization made it possible for the bourgeois to take the newly built railway trains and escape in the countryside. We can just about make the contours of few houses on the background and we cant see anything remotely industrial spoiling the tranquillity of this landscape. This painting is done with bright and pure colours. It tries to bring out the fleeting effects of daylight and the idyllic atmosphere of the river and surrounding boats.

One can clearly observe the rippling surface of the floating river. The shimmering reflection of idle boats – some sailing, others moored evokes a sense of serenity and tranquillity. Captured on this painting is also the passing of time and changing seasons reflected by the yellow and light brown hue of the autumn leaves. This place is a sanctuary, away from the modern world, caught in a time capsule, whispering harmony and unspoiled grace. The picture demonstrates a simple lifestyle and this pictures brings a feelings of nostalgia in me – about the warm, summer days, walking along the river in London, picnics in the parks or just small talks with friends, lying on the grass. I can sit, relax and look at this painting and breath in the atmosphere of natural beauty. All my sensations are in harmony with the world around me. It is like a mediation technique when I look at his idyllic place. This picture conveys a sense of blissful happiness, infinite pleasure and enjoyment of life.

The painting transported me into one of Jane Austins novels where the English countryside is marvellously depicted, with its rural, village life and simplicity. I believe Monet wanted to depict nature as it is, without fully sketching the canvas. Because nature is perfect when you look at it, but when you try to copy perfection on a canvas, it eludes somehow. So instead of focusing on symmetrical forms, attempting to re-create nature, the artist has…………

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