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George Washington University Application Essay

What Most Influenced You To apply To George Washington University. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.shington University and the only possible knowledge and information that I have received about the business degree and the alma mater is through some friends and acquaintances. These friends have been studying at the George Washington University and thus their help and assistance is something that I am banking upon in a large manner. More than their advice and facilitation is the input that I have received from the school counselor who has gone out of his way at establishing a touch point between George Washington University and me and hence there do not seem to be any ambiguities related with the George Washington University as such. Their suggestions with regards to the George Washington University have only raised my confidence endlessly and have thus helped me to visualize my own personality within the realms of the university more than anything else. Furthermore I have never visited Washington DC but with the passage of time I have been visiting some states within United States of America which has given me the insight and understanding of the American culture, traditional values and norms.The reason as to why I want to pursue my educational career within USA is because I feel it is a new place that I have not visited as such and more so because USA has so much more to offer, not only to a student but also to a foreigner. It has so many opportunities available within it which only excites me as a student nonetheless. Another reason that can be accredited to the US region is that I have got a lot of friends over there and with them being on my side my educational journey would surely improve and be a blessed one at the same time. Another one of the significant aspects which comes under the US factor is that the George Washington University is a good and reputable institution, one on which I can bank my future upon and think of my life progressing along in a fine manner when I look back down the lane say about 10 years from today. As I would be away from my

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