Germany 1789-1900

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Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Germany 1789-1900.Despite the endowment, a rift between the high class and lower class prevailed leading to divergence, apparent contradiction, and violent collision of thoughts. The contest for recognition and right of control promulgated a series of unconnected struggles hence the birth of movements including the German confederation. The paper is a discussion on the different revolutionary and independence movements from 1789 to 1900In the mid nineteenth century, cultural, social and economic tensions rose between Germany and other parts of Europe. The shear problems had reached a crisis stage and each section was looking for backdoor solutions that favour their interest. Undeniably, political reality was fast becoming unavoidable. however, the industrial revolution worsened the situation (Meuschel 21). The industrial revolution brought a series of signs, as the democratic changes threatened the survival of existing government, a factor that needed further scrutiny. Several democratic principles including independence of the judiciary, press freedom and representation in the legislature was fast becoming a problem (Görner 61). With the promises coming and going an acceleration of liberal movements gained stage. From January-February 1848, a revolt in Paris led to overturn of King Louis Philip, a situation that triggered Germany to explode. It began with an uprising from peasant revolts in the Baden and Bavaria. Notably, the wavelike revolution spread down to Rhine land and ultimately to military head of Prussia (Berlin). At this point, it started becoming a problem putting pressure on the ruling government. Being so strong, many monarchs agreed to installation of basic democratic requirements (Peterson 46). In response, the intellectual fathers and leaders of the revolution met in Heidelberg, to ensure fruits from the revolution land in the right hands. A follow-up meeting in Frankfurt led to

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