Gilgamesh story

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

respond to this answerIn the beginning of the Gilgamesh story, the main character is described as an arrogant man.  My first thoughts on Gilgamesh were that he took what he wanted without any regard for personal property (wives, daughters, etc).  It even mentions that “men muttered in their homes”, which to me implies that they were afraid of him.  As far as being a hero, I just couldn’t image that Gilgamesh could be a hero to anyone with his bad attitude.  In contrast, in the Ramayana story opens with a more positive description of the hero, Rama.  Rama seems to be humble-the story describes him as walking through the streets while joyful people saluted him.  My first impression of Rama was that he would make a good hero because he seemed kind and the people liked him.  less

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