Giving reasons for conversions

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an argumentative essay on Giving reasons for conversions. Needs to be 2 pages. .t their pride and their love for their specific religions, but instead had to do everything behind closed doors and away from the eyes of the Muslims. If Christians and Jews converted to the religion of Islam, they would be able to be more open and obvious about their devotion to that religion.Those that are not Muslim must abide to the rules, or the pact, that was set down. If they were to violate the conditions that were agreed upon, their protection would be forfeited and they would receive the same treatments as enemies.Some of the rules, agreements, and conditions that were met involve what Muslims can do, but what Christians and Jews are not allowed to do. Christians and Jews are not allowed to have their crosses and books visible while walking on the roads or in the markets of the Muslim people. They are not allowed to publicly perform any act of their religion, such as the ceremony raising of their voices when following their dead or ring the rattles or bells that summons people to their religious services and ceremonies. It is against the pact for them to convert anybody to their religion, but if one of their own wishes to convert to the Muslim religion, they are not allowed to go against it.Non-Muslims are unable to build churches, convents, and monasteries in the areas of the Muslims, not are they allowed to repair any ruins that are in the areas of the Muslims. They must not bury their dead near the sites of Muslims. It also goes against the pact that Christians and Jews wear clothes similar to the Muslims, or speak in the same way that they do.Those of the Christian or Jewish religion may convert to the Muslim religion because it makes life a little bit easier, with less rules and laws to follow, and a lesser chance of going against the pact. The people in the opposing religions are given “privileges,” or the chance of safety if they give up their freedoms to an open religion. The Muslim religion offers more freedom in their own religion,

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