Global Economic Business a Substitute for Warfare

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 22500 words essay on Global Economic Business a Substitute for Warfare. Why are you doing it? For this, a large number of literatures have been referred.It takes into account the nature and types, and reviews some of the leading theories of war and the manner in which they are related to the business corporation. It mainly focuses on the element of competition and all other aspects that are related to it. The main objective of the research report is to justify and analyse the statement – ‘Global Economic Business a Substitute for Warfare’. The research includes an extensive survey of literature with the purpose of finding relevant information that will provide a comprehensive understanding of the present scenario of business environment throughout the world. The report also includes the major findings of the research along with its proper analysis. In this report articles of renowned authors have been referred from various sources like online journals, books etc. Most of them have been authored by renowned authors across the globe. The articles relate the various aspects of war with modern day businesses. The similarity has been shown so as to get a better understanding as to whether war is a substuotute for business.(You might discuss briefly the type/kinds of material you studied) Finally, the study also includes a primary research study and data analysis in the form of a questionnaire survey to determine find out whether economic business could be referred to as a substitute for warfare. The questionnaire survey would be analyzed using SPSS and correlation and regression analysis etc various analytical tools and software. The response generated from the survey would be evaluated to find out the respondents’ view regarding the topic of study. War has been in the memory of with human beings since time immemorial.

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