Global environment

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Need an argumentative essay on Global environment. Needs to be 6 pages. In addition, it addresses how educational leadership practices influence the implementation of effective models that maximize global competitiveness. Leadership ensures flexibility and creates room for adjusting to varying cultures and markets by keeping a global perspective through continual learning. Organizational structures are also adjusted in order to meet the needs of the stakeholders such as clients and partners (Dignam, & Galanis, 2009).Leadership ensures the existence of a balance among the methods required to manage different generations and categories of people effectively. It also measures staff performance by considering outputs so that the expectations of the stakeholders are met (Dignam, & Galanis, 2009). This entails understanding behavioral diversity so that approaches to handling individuals are more creative and diverse. Technological, environmental and business changes that occur globally require leaders to be dynamic and up-to-date with such information so that obsolescence of ideas and methods of operation does not arise. As new ideas, policies and practices come, new and innovative approaches should be considered by leaders in order to meet the demands of the stakeholders (Dignam & Galanis, 2009).Competition is a perpetual practice that requires sound decisions and strategies such as risk taking in order for an organization to remain relevant in the global frontier (Blum & Wey, 2008). Organizations compete for clients, resources, technology and space. With sound and best leadership practices, stakeholdersÂ’ needs are met by implementing modern policies and strategies that can compete favorably in the global space. According to Blum and Wey (2008), every organization has a vision enshrined in its goals and objectives and the stakeholders aim at realizing such dreams. With good leadership practices such as staying focused, an

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