Global media and nestle boycott

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a term paper on Global Media and the Nestle Boycott. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. This blame is rooted in disputable claims that because of the baby product supply worldwide, parents specifically mothers have neglected their roles of breastfeeding their kids, which is a core requirement for the babies’ healthy growth within certain age specifications (Frederick & Howard 57).Nestle boycott is a movement that has spread across the world since 1977 to date but the hearing of it spurs a lot of reactions and confusion. Confusions resulting come because the majority of people are not able to understand what the boycott is all about and to what extent the boycott is still valid (Machin, David, and Theo 88). The worst is that much of the boycotters’ claims cannot be validated in terms of how they are true or not. From the global sources of information, there is also very little if not scanty information that supports the claims of the boycotters. This is because the freedom of information gives everyone a right to publish most so on the internet, which both the boycotters and Nestle are using to reach a majority of its consumer base, such information, does not need to be true. It is therefore difficult to choose what to believe with the contradicting information witnessed hence quite difficult to differentiate what is truth and what propaganda is.I am not openly opposed to the Nestle boycott on the basis of the advertisements presented aggressively by the boycotters while on the other hand, I do not support Nestle’s corporation either. My concern is on the role of global advertisement to help support global communication.Nestles marketing through advertisement is based on the principle of consumer satisfaction and this is the foundation upon which its environmental marketing approach is based. The company claims that its environmental products claim through advertisement, promotional material and their packaging criteria are much in line with the regulatory frameworks of their jurisdictional areas of local operations and globally (Machin, David, and Theo 189). In fact, they claim that such strategies are based upon strong scientific evidence hence they are used in a strong and reasonable manner that cannot harm as claimed by the boycotters of the corporation.

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