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GM ignition switch recall

Compose a 1000 words essay on GM ignition switch recall. The deaths were linked to the failure of the airbags deployment during the accidents. However, reports suggested that an addition 72 persons died because of ignition key switch faults. Because of the faults, GM recalled over 29 million cars. In addition, the manufacturer incurred approximately $1.2 billion to counter the ongoing recalls and legal expenses (Cheeseman, 56).Various scholars have criticized the moral ethics exhibited by the GM management as their actions resulted in deaths and losses for the company. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with ideas concerning what amounts to good and bad behavior. Based on the definition of ethics, it is clear that GM were ethically wrong since the management were aware of the faults in the vehicles long before they decided to recall. The management aim was to maximize the company’s profit rather than meet the customer needs. GM would have carried substantial tests of their vehicles before sale or in addition review the customer feedback concerning the vehicles. The company continued with the vehicle sales for more than seven years hence making then ethically liable. GM focused on the numbers of individuals who continued to enjoy problem free ignition related ignitions rather the ones who felt victim to the problem. Therefore, it has clearly to indicate that GM was ethically wrong.Socrates held being ethical as one of his primary role in all of his psychological theories. In addition, he held the belief that the suitable way for people to live was to aim at self-development rather than material wealth (Barry, 66). At all times, Socrates welcomed others individuals to attempt and focus more on a sense of friendships and real community since he had a sentiment that it was the suitable way for people to develop mutually as a populace. Socrates lived up to this doctrine and that is can be proved by his actions when he was

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