GM Turnover Challenge Analysis

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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses GM Turnover Challenge Analysis.Mecca Cola is increasingly becoming a favorite soft drink for people living in the Asian and Arabic world. The Mecca Cola was initiated by a political activist turned entrepreneur who is widely known as Tawfik Mathlouthi. He started selling his Cola brand in the French market before exploring the Arabic world. Tawfik decided to name his Cola brand, Mecca, after the city in which Prophet Muhammad was born. The decision came amidst disputes from religious leaders who viewed the naming as an insult to their religion. The name Mecca is of probative value to the believers of Islam.However, Tawfik capitalized on the anti-American wave to sell his brand and further leverage the Islam followers into accepting his Cola brand over brands such as Pepsi and Coca Cola. He designed his brand to promote the ideals and beliefs of Arabs, The ideas were critiquing the America’s war in Iraq and invasion of jurisdictions by Europeans without consent from the indigenous people. Tawfik has been sponsoring rallies and events that promote and encourage opposition to America’s activities in Iraq.Notably, Tawfik has critically applied the required management principles in a notion of increasing the market and acceptability of his Cola brand. He has successfully noted his market and accorded them a reason as to why his brand should be consumed and no other brands. In management, one must desire to satisfy the needs of his/her employees and the market. The employees and the market determine the prosperity of an industry.

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