Goerg simmel

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Goerg simmel On the other hand, there are the kinds of people who live their lives and do not mind about the lives of others. There are those people who always want to show off to other people. The extract is a reflection of how people live in the society and, to a large extent, the values they cherish (Dillon, 2009).Many aspects shape different human societies. These include the different people’s cultures and the copied or learned culture. If one lives in a society where people do not like to see others making progress in life, then jealous is bound to occur especially to individuals who succeed and make it in life. It is a social construct which exists in the society, and that contributes its social set up. There are cultures in which people become happy of other’s success. In such communities, the people value one another and will even do meet ups in social places to have fun (Dillon, 2009).Different kinds of people make up a society i.e. there are those who like boasting of their possessions and who will not care about others. There are those who are quite sympathetic or are easily touched by other’s tribulations and are often easy to help. Likewise, there are those who although they may want to help, they have no means and therefore remain helpless when it comes to facing the need people’s problems. Such characters are what defines a society and are what contributes to social set-ups that exist (Ritzer, 1996).The different cultures in a society to which people are accustomed are usually shaped by various things and can be viewed from various dimensions. The scopes include technological, economic, political, and belief-conceptual dimension. These dimensions, to a large extent, dictate how different people relate to one another and their perception about life.

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