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Goffmans Theory of Dramaturgy

Write 1 page essay on the topic Goffmans Theory of Dramaturgy.It also gives an opportunity for people to practice and get ready for the front stage.According to Goffman (2), impression management is the manipulation of other peoples impression about actors on stage. The mechanisms used to doctor impressions include appearance, social setting and interactions. For example, a person who lives in a luxurious and heavily guarded home indicates that he or she may be wealthy, powerful and important and thus only invited people are allowed in, and the vice versa is true.Appearance is the way through which first impressions are created. It can be through dressing, physical stature, race and stereotypes. For example, clothes speak volumes about an individual’s status, self esteem, profession and occasion. Interactions include attitudes used to manipulate others impressions about an individual (Goffman 3). Non verbal communication like gestures, facial expressions, personal space and body language convey meaning on how one wants to be perceived. For example, prestigious people In the society protect their personal space and are more likely to invade other peoples

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