Gold standard

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Please answer one of the following questions:

Why did the gold standard collapse?

Is there a case for returning to some type of gold standard? What is it?

What opportunities might current IMF lending policies to developing nations create for international businesses? What threats might they create?

Debate the relative merits of fixed and floating exchange rate regimes. From the perspective of an international business, what are the most important criteria in a choice between the systems? 

Which system is the more desirable for an international business?

Please remember to include an additional source Grading will be as follows:Post a thorough response:

Include substantive content- 5 points

Include a valid internet resource to substantiate your response   –  responses that do not include a valid resource will earn a “0”One or two paragraphs for your selected question

Your response should be free of grammar and spelling errors

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