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Good and poor qualities

Good and poor qualities of a manager Management Style essay Management Style Essay What is Management? Management entails the coordination, as well as the organization of activities within an organization or an institution with the sole aim of achieving set goals and objectives. Through management, decisions are made within an organization, and the leaders of an organization are given the mandate to supervise and ensure that all activities are undertaken as planned. Management can be regarded as a crucial factor of production that unites all other factors such as capital, materials, as well as machines among others. Managers have the primary responsibility to ensure that an organization succeeds in conducting its day-to-day operations (Buchbinder, 2012). Good Qualities of a ManagerIn order to succeed in management, managers should possess some qualities. One of the qualities of a good manager is creativity. Creative managers have the ability to carry out projects within the organization effectively and efficiently. Moreover, creativity enables managers to combine all the organization’s resources and use them to enhance growth within the organization. The other quality that makes managers successful is through being team players. Good managers always ensure that they work with teams of employees and supervise the activities of each team to ensure that all team members are participating. Commitment is another good quality that a manager ought to possess. a manager should be committed to the success of the projects that the organization undertakes. With a committed manager, other employees in the organization can succeed even during trying times (Buchbinder, 2012). Buchbinder (2012) asserts that good managers should also be flexible and versatile. This implies that they can change their behavior based on the prevailing situation within the organization. In addition, flexibility enables managers to be open and accommodative to the views, opinions, and ideas of junior employees. Another good quality of manager is knowledge. managers should be well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge about management. Managers who are knowledgeable help employees learn about crucial aspects that enhance success and career growth.Poor qualities of a manager According to Buchbinder (2012), some managers possess poor qualities that can contribute to strained relationships with employees. One of the poor qualities that managers may have is being bullies. Some managers bully junior employees. this can be in the form of belittling and intimidating employees. This negatively affects the morale of employees and, in the long run, it can contribute to poor performance of the organization. When fear is instilled in employees, they are likely to perform their duties with little motivation. Unpredictable mood swings is another poor quality of a manager. Employees are comfortable working with managers whose behavior they can predict, and they feel uncomfortable when a manager’s mood cannot be predicted. Being non-accommodative is another poor quality of a manager. there are managers who cannot listen to the opinions of other employees. Such managers believe that their juniors should not give an opinion on how the organization should be run. As such, they rarely appreciate the input of others. Do the qualities change based on different situations?The qualities of a manager (whether good or bad) may change based on the varying situations in which the managers find themselves. Most managers exhibit their management qualities while in the workplace, but do not carry such behavior when they find themselves in social environments or at home with their families.References Buchbinder, S. B. (2012). Introduction to Health Care Management, 2e. New York: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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