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Government Overfunding the Welfare System

Is the Government Overfunding the Welfare System. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Canada is one of the countries that have a stable and highly performing welfare system. The Canadian government provides citizens with the assistance that they may not get from market players through its social programs. In Canada, many of the social safety programs are managed by the provincial governments (Westhues 45). For example, the provincial governments offer services that are deemed to be medically necessary to all citizens. The costs of some of these services are subsidized by the federal government of Canada. In as much as the Canadian government provides a lot of welfare services to its citizens, some services are beyond the scope of the government and, therefore, must be privately funded or purchased through private insurance (Westhues 53). The federal and provincial governments also subsidize the cost of secondary school education in addition to giving students bursaries and loans. Some of the people who benefit from social welfare in Canada include children from low-income families, individuals who are disabled, those who earn low incomes, and the youth.Poverty relates to the situation in which an individual does not have enough money to cater to their basic needs including food, shelter, and clothing according to Raphael (13). Taking note of the fact that poverty is a complex problem whose root problems cannot all be addressed, the federal and provincial governments of Canada have opted to tackle it head-on. The welfare system plays a great role in dealing with the problem of poverty in Canada as noted by Raphael (27). Thanks to the welfare system, Canada is one of the countries that have low poverty rates. In 2009, the&nbsp.Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ranked Canada 18th (behind Belgium, Denmark, and the Czech Republic) in terms of poverty prevalence, which hints to the fact that Canada is doing well in its efforts to contain the poverty menace. &nbsp.

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