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GPO settings

Scenario 19-1: Placing the GPOsYou are an administrator of the Contoso Corporation. The Contoso Corporation has a domain called contoso.com. At the top level, you have the following OUs:• Sales • Marketing • Support • Manufacturing • EngineeringUnder each OU, you have additional OUs: North, South, East, and West. You need to implement the following GPO settings:• Have strong passwords and a minimum of eight characters.• The Sales team should have passwords with a minimum of 10 characters.• All computers should have the company logo desktop picture, without exception.• All computers in the Sales OU should have the widget.msi program installed.• All computers in the Manufacturing and Engineering departments should have the widget2.msi program installed.• All computers except Support should have the screen saver enabled. What do you recommend?Scenario 19-2: Configure a Library ComputerYou are setting up a library for the Contoso University. You want to configure the library computer to have a standard desktop screen, color scheme, programs available, and proxy settings. You need to ensure that no matter who logs on, the computer will have the same settings. What should you do?Scenario 20-1: Standardizing a User’s Work EnvironmentMany computers are shared among users and people often use different computers based on where they work. Therefore, you need to configure the following:• Users must be able to access all documents that he or she stores in the Documents and Desktop folders.• The users should also have the TimeClock.msi file installed so that he or she can clock in and out.How can you accomplish this?Scenario 20-2: Using an ADM FileYou have an ADM file for the widget application. How do you implement the ADM settings into the Central Store and deploy the application so that it is fully installed and available for the users in the Sales OU?

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