Green Computing and Environmental

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic A Case Study of Green Computing and Environmental Impact in A Kurdish University (Salahaddin University Erbil).The use of green computing in the Salahaddin University Erbil entails embarking on various computer practices that encourage reduced consumption of electricity. According to Hu and Kaabouch (2012, p. 78), green computing brings about significant savings on the environmental wastes from technological machines and equipment, as well as contribute greatly to the conservation of the environment. This is a critical mechanism that is useful in this research as reduced consumption of electricity at the institution directly lessens the burden on the environmental resources that are used to generate the amount of power used at Salahaddin University Erbil. According to Gangadharan and Murugwsan (2012, p. 34), the use of green computing has a close relationship with the university’s environment, which should dictate the practices of green computing at the institution. Initiatives that encourage green computing at this university are important to the institution in the aspect that there will be reduced charges of electricity consumed. This is also essential to the research community in understanding reliable ways that could be used to cut down the cost of electricity consumed at Salahaddin University Erbil. This is also crucial in understanding the specific impacts that the use of green computing at the institution will have on its immediate and distant environments. Practices of green computing at Salahaddin University Erbil benefit this research in determining how the reduced use of electricity will affect the overall environment at the institution. It is significant in understanding the various attributes and effectiveness of green computing as an ideal practice that conserves the environment.Green computing is, therefore, the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. As such, technologies already making

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