Group Activity

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Group Activity  November 28th.

Step 1: You may meet at a convenient location at TNCC, Hampton or Williamsburg, you may meet on line.

Step 2: Choose a leader to organize and get tasks accomplished.

Step 3: Choose a recorder to record your results, write the summary/evaluation and submit on Blackboard under the menu item Submit Here.

Step 4: Choose a time keeper to time the number of heart beats per minutes.

Activity:  Each student is to record his or her pulse rate as a number of beats in one minute. Then proceed to use the sample data to construct a 95% confidence interval of the mean pulse rate of all students.This activity should help you to understand the concept of Confidence Interval for estimations.

Activity Sheet/Report to include:

1.  Enter your group number

2. List of data: pulse rates of students

3. Mean and standard deviation of your pulse rates

4. 95% Confidence Interval for Pulse Rates

5. Roles and evaluation of those participating

6. What did you learn from this activity

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