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Gun Control Is Not the Ticket to Peace

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Gun Control Is Not the Ticket to Peace. The establishment of a gun control regulation indicates a clear intention of eliminating the incidences of shootings, since some people may refrain from drawing their guns and shooting other out of fear of the wrath of the law. While it makes sense to enact new gun legislation in an attempt to reduce the rampant shooting, this measure is not guaranteed to completely eradicate such incidences altogether (Griffith). This is because the increase in the incidences of shootings is not caused by the highest number of licensed guns that the government has issued to civilians. In fact, candidly speaking, if keenly observed, one would come to the conclusion that virtually all the incidences of public shootings are as a result of guns that are acquired illegally (Smith). Hence, while the establishment of gun control laws may help to instill fear on the legal gun holders from shooting at others, such efforts will have no effects on the criminals and social deviants who rule and operate the black markets involving illegal gun trade.It is practical to reflect, on the major reasons why those people who shoot at the public act the way they do. Is it because these people have acquired a licensed gun and were trying to test its efficiency? Is it because they have been licensed to hold a gun and they want the rest of the public to realize that they are legal gun holders who can now freely shoot at anyone, anywhere and at any time without fear of consequence? Or is it because such people have the feeling that their security is highly threatened by the innocent schoolchildren and so they enter the school premises, draw their guns and shoot at them? The reality attests to none of the above. Thus, the solution to this problem does not lie in the possession of a gun. legal or illegal, but in the state of the mind of the gun holder (Pacharis). In this respect, if this problem of shooting at innocent children and other unarmed members of the public is to be addressed effectively, then new solutions must be thought of if the society is to proceed in direction of treating this problem of public shootings.

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