Handsomest drowned man in the world

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on the handsomest drowned man in the world by gabriel garcia marquez. The short story is linked to the 100 years of solitude work because the ideas of the drowned man are available. Marquez wrote the work using different styles and characters portraying different character traits. The start of the short story is marked by children playing in a small fishing village alongside a beach. The children sow a dark and slinky bulge approaching in the waves. Finally, the bulge turned out to be a drowned man who was covered with stones, seaweeds, and a variety of sea creatures that were dead. The men around headed to the neighbouring village to enquire if the man belonged to their community while the women were left behind cleaning the body to prepare for burial (Marquez 1). The small fishing village has unique features that differentiate it from other villages. It is a coastal and cliffside town in the form of a desert-like cape without flowers. The villages are little such that they do not have a place to bury the dead, but the inhabitants throw the dead over a cliff or into a sea instead of burying them at the small ground. The village is composed of simple people and they believe in myth as much as what they view with their eyes. The village is too small such that all the men fit in seven boats. The village has only a total of 20 houses (Marquez 3). When the women were still washing the body they realized that the man was unique because he was bigger, strong-looking, handsome and most virile man they had not even seen in their lifetime. As the men returned and informed the women that the neighboring villages have claimed that they do not know him, the women wept with joy since they claimed the man was theirs. Until then, the men did not know what was happening but when they saw the man they were happy because he was handsome, big in size and masculine. As they admired the man, they thought that he was ashamed of his size and felt awkward then decided to take his life (Marquez 5).

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