Hate running the mile in pe

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Prepare and submit a paper on hate running the mile in pe. HATE RUNNING THE MILE IN PE Nursing As My Professional Career Nursing career is a profession that is quite challenging to achieve, yet the most demanded in the current world. My goal is to become a Nurse a Practitioner in a recognized institution. In order to accomplish my goal, I intend to enroll in the University of Phoenix and complete both bachelors and master’s degree in the nursing profession. I am aware that for one to pursue nursing profession in university of phoenix, the entrance average is extremely high. In addition, other few things may affect my accomplishment1.Firstly, admission fee required is extremely high, and my parents may not manage to pay. Secondly, nursing is a profession goes beyond the normal duration while studying. For my case, I intend to complete the two years full time course in nursing practice for admission into the nursing practitioner program, thereafter, continue with my study to for one year in order to obtain a certificate. Eventually, I will undertake a doctorate program at the University of Ohio. Thirdly, Nursing is a vocation and emanates from the heart. I do not deny the fact that I have had an interest in nursing, but I am not quite certain if this is my call2.Most people fail to pursue their career goals because of finances. In every college of nursing, admission fee is quite, and this discourages most students to pursue the course. I am from a humble background, and my parents may fail to raise the required amount. They struggled to pay my schools fees in my elementary school. therefore, it may challenge them to obtain an enormous amount of money to pay my school fees. For this reason, I will not sit down and watch them struggle. I will play a role in raising my school fees. I will have to apply for student’s loans from the government, charity organizations and other agencies that assist students achieve their purposes in life. Together with that, I will start-up a small business with little capital and save the profits until I get an opportunity to join the college of nursing3.The other thing that curtails accomplishment of careers is commitment. Nursing profession is a challenging field and requires dedication. Most of the nursing courses range from 6- 10 years for complete proficiency. This may be a lot of time while studying considering other factors in life other than studying. Life may present pressures and challenges that may block my achievement, but I have to soldier on and accomplish my goal. The next thing that may challenge my accomplishment is career conflict. In my life, I have desired to undertake either engineering course or nursing profession. I have a passion for the two professions, and that is the reason I am not quite certain whether nursing is the real thing I want to achieve in life. For this reason, I have to seek counsel from my parents and God in order to be certain about what I want in life4.If only I fight the three challenges that may affect my career profession, then I am quite certain that I will successfully join college of nursing to achieve my goal. If I accomplish my goal, then, I am certain of victorious life, together with my family and the community at large5. Reference American Organization of Nurse Executives. AONE nurse executive competencies. Nurse Leader 2005. 3:15-21.

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