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Write 5 page essay on the topic Scenario, Final Discussion.aught something different or they learnt about something new from their different nursing textbooks, they would be in a position to share what they have learnt with their colleagues. Moreover, the RN would be in a position to teach the other RNs about what they know and that would help improve the quality of care in the health care setting.Secondly, the significance of gaps in the hospital’s policy and procedures is that the overall quality of care disbursed with regard to the hospital’s policy and procedures would also be improved. For example, if a RN from a different health care setting that followed different and better hospital policies and procedures was scheduled to work in a different health care setting that did not practice or implement all the mandated hospital policies and procedures. then the practice that did not follow all the mandated policies would be given the chance to improve on their quality of care through the existing gap or difference.Thirdly, the significance of gaps between published literatures is that it not only helps different RNs to gain more versatile experience and knowledge in practice but it also assists them to gain skills of socialization and communication with other people in the care environment. For example, if one RN was to study different literature notes from another RN, then each would have different experiences and knowledge. As such, when placed in the same working environment, each would share the different ideas and experiences it is that they learnt from the different literature sets. Moreover, they would also gain the chance to practice and also improve on their socialization as well as communication skills through that experience.Lastly, the significance of gaps in actual practice is that the different RNs would get the chance to practice the different nursing and medical techniques it is that they studied and practiced in nursing school. As such, their nursing skills would be improved and hence the

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