Health inequalties

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1500 words essay on Health inequalties. This enables men to impose their values on women and they also tend to promote the health of males more than that of females. The health of women is therefore ignored and this leads to the inequality of wellbeing of men and women. with the males having superior health to females. For example, men ignore issues of pregnancy and contraception and concentrate more on problems associated with male reproduction such as testicle cancer (Bromley, 2012).Feminists also believe that women fall ill more often compared to men because they undertake more responsibilities and they are paid less salaries than men at the workplace (Sauaia, 2014). The women’s responsibilities include working to earn a living and taking care of their families by undertaking household chores. These tiring duties together with the stress of being underpaid at work causes women to become sick more often compared to men. The women suffer from stress and depression, which does not often attack men who are comfortable both at home and at work. This also leads to the fallacy that women are weaker than their male counterparts in terms of health.Feminism also argues that women suffer from diseases more than men because they are discriminated during treatment. For example, these ideologists argue that general practitioners prescribe drugs to women without testing them while they perform tests on men before issuing them with medication. The prescriptions given to women do not necessarily work effectively. therefore, they become ill again because the disease that they were suffering from was not treated (Bromley, 2012). This also leads to the view that men have superior health compared to women yet it is not the case in the real sense.The new rights movement, on the other hand, argues that differences in health and illness are caused by the state’s act of controlling resources (In Bartley, In

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