Health policy analysis

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Nurse and crna workforce development: health policy analysis Policy defects lead to gross inequity which allows excessive care than necessary, adding to the cost and potential harm. On the contrary, some people cannot access care since they are uninsured, inadequately insured, or are covered with Medicaid and thus refused by the healthcare workforce. Thus, these people cannot access care. These have been interpreted by the authorities to be indicators of failings of the health care system due to defective or less than optimal policies, and the major problems in the system are indicated by high costs of care and lack of access, in which cases many deserving patients even do not report a health problem due mainly to costs and prevalence of problems of access. The inability to receive health services at the time of need may be due to the unavailability of healthcare personnel.&nbsp.In this context, it is to be acknowledged that the most valuable resource in healthcare is the pool of workforce which comprises the human resources of the healthcare system.&nbsp. The promise of the delivery of high-quality health care becomes affected by the shortage of nursing workforce, which is a real problem in the American Healthcare System. The nursing shortage in all categories of nursing is a critical component of the healthcare reform that is intended to be implemented through healthcare policies. The Institute of Medicine confers that the state of the American Healthcare System is badly in need of reforms due to the complexities of health systems and to the ineffectiveness of health policies in recent times. In order to be able to induce reform in order to deliver quality healthcare to the consumers with gradually increasing demands, there had been several legislations listed in Title VIII of the Public Health Service Act where the priority had been to reauthorize the nursing workforce development programs.

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