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Healthcare providers on the orthopedic unit

One of the healthcare providers on the orthopedic unit where you work has come to you, the manager of the unit, with a request for a new piece of equipment. This piece of equipment is very expensive and will consume the majority of the dollars in your equipment budget for the year. You are aware that the requested piece of equipment is available on the neurological unit in your facility. The staff on the neurological unit state the piece of equipment is frequently out of service and is not used as anticipated. You had planned to use your equipment budget this year to purchase new lift equipment to help your staff safely move clients and prevent back injuries.Define cost-effectiveness. In your opinion, would purchasing the new piece of requested equipment be cost-effective? Why or why not?Describe how you would justify purchasing the lift equipment instead of the health care provider’s request? Can you justify the new piece of equipment requested by the healthcare provider? Why?How would you respond to the health care provider regarding the request?

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