Healthcare Quality

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Compose a 1500 words essay on Healthcare Quality. Third, a high quality health care system is patient-centered. This concept encompasses respect for patients values, preferences, and expressed needs. coordination and integration of care. information, communication, and education. physical comfort. emotional support and involvement of family and friends.Fourth, high quality health care implies care that is delivered in a timely manner. A high quality health care system is efficient. It should use resources to obtain the best value for the money spent. Lastly, a high quality health care system is equitable and based on the patients’ needs (Lighter & Fair, 2004).Information and communication technology is integral to achieving substantial quality improvement. Information technology infrastructure supports health care delivery, consumer health, quality measurement and improvement, public accountability, clinical and health services research, and clinical education. New technology will enable improved healthcare by providing pharmaceutical therapies, diagnostic and medical devices, and surgical procedures have been introduced that help improve the recovery of patients. Use of information technology will also improve on health delivery to patients. Medical practitioners will use computers to record patients’ medical history and check if they are administering correct treatment. Results of laboratory tests, records of vital signs and medical orders can be put into a main database that can be referred to later (Lighter & Fair, 2004).Good quality healthcare system can be provided at lower costs. This can be achieved by administering cheaper drugs. Expensive antibiotics can be effective just as cheaper drugs. Outpatient drug treatment can be effective and reduce costs compared to in patient basis. Using drugs to prevent opportunistic illnesses such as Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in HIV patients can lower costs are cost effective since the patients would less likely require

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