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Heineken canada

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses heineken canada. Heineken has a strategically plotted acquisition policy to create commanding positions in key national markets. It tends to acquire major shares in national or local breweries that have strong national brands so as to have a good coverage of the regional or national market.Secondly, the company has a new top management structure aimed at driving and supporting growth as a global organization. It has also created a new mores stream Executive Board to connect operations, functions, and finance in a more effective way to create strengths for global functions and operating regions.Finally, Heineken believes in the delivery and concept of quality thereby creating benefit and value for Heineken as well as their reputation.Heineken mainly targets all adult consumers. However, its commercials portray its drinkers as successful, sociable, and fun revealing that it mainly targets successful middle-class men. It targets males from the ages of 22-35 particularly those who follow sports, like rugby because they completely support the Irish Rugby Heineken Cup. Nonetheless, nowadays Heineken also addresses the young in the population through differentiated mass market strategy. It also uses new packaging and a new format to attract women.The products of Heineken Canada are used across the globe. Its products are widely used and enjoyed in most cultures and countries around the world due to its strong brand recognition. It has been successfully exported and distributed to every corner of the world.

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