Helping The Homeless

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Need help with my writing homework on Helping The Homeless. Write a 1000 word paper answering; I have a strong feeling about this because I have grown in Thailand, where I saw a lot of homeless, which can be important to define how I saw life. The most effective means of helping individuals to find a home is to help them in the process of constructing a house to shelter them during the nights. Apart from that, you can provide food for them since there is a high chance of them going hungry. You can donate some money to those people to make it easier for them to purchase some clothes and food.

Apart from the ways mentioned in this helping the homeless essay, there are other different ways of helping homeless individuals. You can also decide to donate some money to support organizations that cater to the interests of these people. Alternatively, you can visit the vulnerable population and oversee the process of constructing homes for them.

But I think that donating food to the vulnerable population is a fundamental thing that you can consider to do. Providing homeless people something to eat is essential since it makes them deal with the constant issue of going days without food. These people don’t stay healthy simply because they are unable to afford nutritionally healthy means to grow both physically and mentally. So, the best way to assist homeless individuals is to help them with shelter and food. I think no one wishes to see a family starve and die.When I stayed in Thailand, we used to go to McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants to purchase food. In the process, I used to buy extra food staff for a 12-year old child who used to sit by the roadside every day. I did this for about two years, which represents the period the kid used to beg by the roadside since they are homeless. The kid was so happy every time we helped him to get some food. In return, this helped me to feel amazed as I continued helping the less fortunate people in society.

Moreover, I kept feeling happy as I was providing help to the kid. I have a belief that my siblings and parents felt for the homeless, just like how I did.I believe that anyone helping the homeless to get food to eat feels precise how I think. However, we should not be limited to helping one person. There are a lot of people or organizations that you can get involved with to help change the lives of less-advantaged people. In my opinion, you can be of much help to hungry people with any little thing you can offer. Seeing homeless people begging by the roadside is something that gets me irritated to find the ways to want to help.

The hungry and homeless people are breathing the same air, just like any other humans. In that case, it is not necessary to discriminate them. These people also need to eat something, just like other people. Just like other humans, they also go hungry and thirsty. So, if you can be capable of helping the homeless, donate some money to help them afford clothes and food. This is important since most of them don’t buy new clothes.In most cases, you will continue seeing them with the same clothes for days. When I used to live in Thailand, I embraced a habit of putting some money in a donation box or gave the hungry and homeless people themselves, especially when I went to a mall to shop. I continue doing this charitable act since I felt terrible for how someone will go days without eating something. I knew that it is important to feel for the children who don’t grow in the kind of family I grew into.

Although some of the hungry and homeless people have to donate their lifetime earning to someone who has enslaved them, that doesn;’t mean that you can assist them. When I learned how to help such people, I discovered how happy I could be. At a tender age, I came to realize that even small amounts of money can be important to transform the life of someone in need. This is an important lesson that I want our society to learn, but most people don’t understand the importance of helping as a part of this generation.Providing some money and donating food is an important act of kindness to all the homeless people you will be helping. However, this helps you to develop your values and virtues of compassion and the spirit of giving. Apart from that, other people will treat you with respect as someone with kindness to help the less fortunate.

Helping the less fortunate is essential since there are a lot of people that are suffering around the world. Most of these people don’t have a real place they can call home. Apart from that, their safety is compromised since most of them spend their nights in the streets. So, if you are willing to provide a home to the homeless, you’ll be enhancing their safety. One of the ways I helped assure the safety of the vulnerable in the community when I was eight years old, while still in Sweden while my mother was in Thailand, was to build a house for the homeless family.This act of charity can be important to enhance the safety of homeless families and individuals. I felt pity, something that others don’t, for a mother who could leave a fourteen-year-old child who was physically handicapped at home as she went to look for sustenance and medication.

So, I am aspired to find ways to help vulnerable individuals to survive and be happy. . I think that it is essential to help families find a home and put a roof under their heads. The act of helping individuals while I was still at a tender age can be important to help me to transform how I view life today.This is essential since it has helped the young individuals to know the ways that their life has to be a blessing to others. So, I was able to learn that greed is not essential if you want to put a smile on other individuals’ faces. To help the individuals, you can personally donate the sustenance and money to them.

Alternatively, you can use an organization that houses the less-fortunate. To do this, you can donate money to help the organizations finance charitable actions.In conclusion, every person should continue playing their roles. Around the world, there are a lot of less-fortunate individuals, i.e., they lack foodstuff and shelter. So, if you are in the best position to assist them, you can do so. Provide money, clothes, and shelter for the homeless family. In general, do anything humanly possible to help them.

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