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Hemingway’s Personal Life

Write an article on Hemingway’s Personal Life in Hills Like White Elephants. It needs to be at least 1500 words. He was injured in the war and during the course of his recuperation, he met Agnes von Kurowsky. Hemingway took the relationship seriously but Agnes treated him as a kid. He returned to America to be honored as a war hero. With the termination of the relationship with Agnes, Hemingway was heart-broken. In Chicago, when on freelance assignments, he met Hadley Richardson and they got married in 1921. Both of them moved to Paris, on the advice of a friend, to live in association with other writers. That move brought Hemingway to the limelight in the world of literature. In Paris, he did some writing for the Toronto Star newspaper. Soon the marriage with Hadley ended, but Hemingway remarried Pauline Pfeiffer and they moved to Key West, Florida. His father committed suicide and his writing was interrupted. By then Hemingway had taken to heavy drinking. The marriage again was on the rocks and he went to Spain accompanied by his new love Martha Gellhorn. In 1940, he divorced Pauline. They jointly bought a house in Cuba and World War II broke out and Hemingway went to Europe to cover the war. Martha was already there to work. Their relationship however ended in 1945. He was in love again and he married Mary Welsh in the year 1946. They returned to Cuba and Hemingway was on his writing assignments again. The next phase of his life was full of tragedies. Ernest and Mary were enjoying a safari in Africa, and they were involved in a plane crash.&nbsp.To talk about abortion ninety years ago could not be as easy as it is in the present times. Yet the American in the story exercises pressure on Jig and tries to bully her psychologically. Their relationship has lost the warmth and has turned icy like the mountainous terrain covered with sheets of ice. This is the significance of the title of the story.&nbsp. The suffering of women is the theme of the story and as such the institution of marriage has many loose ends. No religious tenets, no sociological convulsions, no economic solutions, no technological advancement, no feminist theories have been able to eradicate completely the secondary position of women as compared to men and she is compelled to walk under the protective umbrella of menfolk, who have held it not out of benevolence, but as an act of authority. &nbsp.

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