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History 9UT

History 9UT. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.However, this role did not last long. Their new roles were quickly snatched away from them once the war ended in 1945. The men who went to fight the war and survived were given back their old jobs and the women sent home packing. The social revolution was, therefore, rendered temporary since the women were subjected to their former roles as housewives as the men took up their jobs.During the social revolution period that took place in 1942, women were still subjected to discrimination at their places of work. The men at the work place never fully accepted them as their equals at the work place, and thus subjected them to different forms of discrimination such as sabotaging their jobs. Even after the social revolution, women continue to face discrimination in their roles in society. Though they may be able to gain form employment, back at home they are expected to perform their housewife duties as expected. This practice is still common to this date, and it is for such reasons that clarify why the document does not conflict reality in any way.Military. before the executive order given by President Roosevelt in 1941, recruitment into the American defense forces was exclusive to the white community. The white community was given preference in recruitment and promotion in the military, an opportunity which equally deserving and qualified African Americans were denied. It is for such reason that the protest march was organized by the African American community, to air their grievances on the same.Lynching. African Americans were not granted justice through the judicial systems in place before events in 1942. They were subjected to acts of lynching mostly by the white community whenever they committed an offence. Others were simply lynched because of their skin color if they were spotted in purely white neighborhoods. Such barbaric acts of injustices were part of Randolph’s argument for supporting the march. They demanded proper

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