History of forensic science

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Research the history of forensic science.Resources: Course ResourcesDownload the Forensic Science Timeline template for your work to create your own PowerPoint presentation.Complete a timeline outlining important people, ideas, and events in the forensic science profession which have influenced the criminal justice system.Include the following in your timeline:A minimum of five short biographies outlining the accomplishments of individuals who have influenced forensic science An analysis of how each of these individuals contributions has influenced the criminal justice system A minimum of five influential court decisions that have impacted how forensic science is used in the criminal justice system An analysis of a minimum of three forensic science services and how they have influenced the criminal justice system.Save your Timeline in the following format: Last name First Name Assignment. (Example: SmithJohn_Unit1_Project).Submit your assignment by selecting the Unit 1: Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 1.Part B: Case Study ComparisonResearch one case study where forensic science analysis had a significant impact on the outcome of the trial.Identify a point in time on your timeline and describe how this case would have been solved differently had it occurred at that period in time.Write a 350–500 word summary explaining how this case may have evolved during a different time in history. Consider the following in your summary:What clues were available that may not have been at some point in the past? How may have this case turned out had different advancements in forensic science not been available? What forensic tests and/or examinations were used in the case study you chose and what would the criminal justice system have done if these tests were not available (DNA testing, hair analysis, firearms examination, etc.)?

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