History on russia

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Argumentative essay on History on russia. Needs to be 3 pages. having spent money and drunk liquor out of dullness because he yearns to be back home, confessing further “we weren’t wealthy, but things went properly – we lived well.” Avdeev’s living entails sacrifice for he accepts the fate that is originally meant for his brother who could not afford to leave his family.It is at that state of character when Avdeev encounters Murad and another Chechen, Bata, who both must be accompanied to the prince. Neither Murad nor Bata bears weapon or a sign of intention to combat with the Russian soldiers, instead, they emerge to confront them with humble countenances. Upon his return with Bondarenko, Avdeev enthusiastically tells “And do you know, mates, those shaven-headed lads are fine!” in reference to Murad and Bata. According to Avdeev, “Yes, really – What a talk I had with them! Such a good talk we had! Such nice fellows!”. Eventually, it may be inferred herein that despite their conspicuous differences as Chechen and Russian who generally treat each other as enemies at the time, Avdeev and Murad quite reflect a common object – that of being drawn to mundane rather than military life, where both are inclined to settle toward the heart of peace.Even if Murad is embodied in the narrative as a thorny thistle of the field by the author, his becoming a separatist guerrilla who chooses to detach from the command of Shamil occurs to bother not Avdeev’s good view of him as a fine fellow though his presence ought to threaten the aoul village at the knowledge that Murad is in secret keeping of Sado at its expense. In other words, Murad’s existence alludes pursuit of hostility, while the two warring territories have not come to reconcile terms by which their conflict persist. However, Avdeev perceives beyond such conflict and sees Murad as a man that could remind him of a family he longs to be reunited with. Hence, this should justify a personal decision to understand the case of Murad rather than hold his

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