HIV (human immunodeficiency)

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

1- A 31-year-old female contracted HIV (human immunodeficiency) 10 years ago, and is now developing signs of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) ordinarily harmless infections are deadly to her. Which answer below best explains how her antibody – response (B cell immunity) became weakened even though HIV primarily infected cells involved in T cell immunity?a)      HIV destroys cytotoxic T cell, and cytotoxic T cell play a central role in simulating antibody production.b)     HIV causes malfunction of memory T cell, and memory T cell stimulate B cells to produce autoantibodies. c)      HIV destroys helper T cells and helper T cells play a central role in simulating antibody production.d)     HIV causes malfunction of cytotoxic T cells, and cytotoxic T cells suppress B cell immunity.2- Each cell in our body requires energy for its maintenance, growth, and function. ——————– provide the main source of energy for cellsa)      Mineralsb)     Carbohydratesc)      Proteinsd)     Fats3- What is the basic functional unit of the kidney and what purpose does it serve?a)      The bowman’s capsule; formation of filtrate and reabsorption of nutrientsb)     The nephron; formation of filtrate and conversion of filtrate urinec)      The glomerulus; formation of filtrate and secretion of wasted)     The bladder; storage and excretion of urine4- Plasma is an example of ———— fluid.a)      Interstitialb)     Intracellularc)      Synoviald)     Extracellular5- Which contraceptive method has the highest failure ratea)      The rhythm methodb)     The birth control pill c)      Vasectomyd)     The use of condoms

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