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How are evidence-based?

Question 1How are evidence-based      practices implemented? Do evidence-based practices      help to reduce risk and recidivism? Explain your response.Question 2What factors should be      considered when issuing a sentence of probation? Summarize why these      factors are important.  Is a probation sentence always      fair? Explain your answer.  Does a probation sentence help      lower recidivism? Question 3Do you have ideas for treatment      programs to lower recidivism aside from the educational, rehabilitative,      and work programs discussed this week?  Would it be beneficial for      inmates or offenders to choose multiple treatment programs for themselves?      Explain your answer.  Question 4Define probation. In what situations might a      judge award probation as a sentence? In what situations may a person      be placed on probation after being imprisoned?Question 5What are the benefits of the      prison work program discussed in the video? What factors might determine      whether more prison work programs are developed?  Should limitations apply      regarding which inmates or offenders are eligible for prison work      programs? Explain your answer.Question 6What is an in-house education      program?  What challenges might prison      education programs face in educating inmates or offenders?  What special skills or traits      might an instructor working with prison populations need to possess?  Do you think inmates or      offenders are open to the idea of in-house education? Explain your      response.  Do you think prison education      programs help to lower recidivism?  Question 7Why do you think Sheridan      Correctional Center’s rehabilitation program does not allow for murderers      or sex offenders? How does the rehabilitation      program help inmatesor offenders to prepare for life outside of      prison?  How important is the inmates or      offenders dedication to the rehabilitation program in reaching the desired      outcome?  Do you foresee the expansion of      rehabilitation programs such as the one at Sheridan Correctional Center?        Question 8What are the primary emphases of probation supervision?Describe the philosophy of the broken-windows approach to the operation of probation.How did the Martinson findings of “nothing works” influence the use of parole and the medical model? How might evidence-based practices support or refute Martinson’s findings?

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