How does the government document characterize its plans

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How does the government document characterize its plans? a.As a religious crusadeb.As a necessary conquest to build a superior racec.As a major expansion for necessary resourcesd.As a benevolent actWhich powers will be challenged and defeated in order to defend Japanese ends? a.Those from virtually every continentb.The United Statesc.Those in Europed.Those in Eurasia and North AmericaWhat aspect of modern imperialism does the co-prosperity sphere represent? a.Concern for democracyb.Concern for human rightsc.The drive to modernize agriculture and the economy generallyd.Advocacy of a civilizing missionIf not 100% sure, please do not answer, Thanks.Attachment 1Attachment 2PRIMARY SOURCE ANALYSIS A Family Copes with Unemployment Austria and Germany were incredibly hard hit by the depression. The trauma was madeworse because of the catastrophic defeat and dismemberment of both the Austrian andGerman empires. in 1931, sociologists visited a small industrial town called Marienthal, anhour outside of Vienna, to report on the psychological and physical condition of thehundreds of families left penniless by the closing of the textile mills. The father was sitting on a low stool with a pile of worn-out children’s shoes in front of himthat he was trying to mend with roofing felt. The children were sitting together motionless ona box. in stockinged feet, waiting for their shoes to be finished. The father explained withembarrassment. . . On Sundays I have to patch the shoes up a bit so that the children cango to school again on Monday." He held up the completely dilapidated shoes of the eldestboy. “I just don’t know what I can do with these. On holidays he can’t go out of the houseany more. . .

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