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How Language Is Used to Promote Certain Purposes

How Language Is Used to Promote Certain Purposes, Presentation Skills. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Through language, different signs have a different meaning. These signs include. spoken language or signed language. The different components of language include. syntax which is the order and hierarchy of utterances that are meaningful. morphology, which are the smallest possible semantic units that are composed of phonemes. semantics which is the meaning related to a word, phonetic and phonology which are sound and gestures that are constructions of a language. Language helps to promote literacy level, mostly when raising children. A child’s journey towards literacy involves the following. learning how to speak, read, write, draw, understand, listen and watch. This helps to develop a child’s skills (Chomsky, 2006, p. 152). There are three strategies used in literacy development. The first being child-oriented strategies, which encourage children to initiate and engage in everyday interactions so that educators can respond to their ways and encourage them to engage in the interactions. The second is the interaction-promoting strategies that encourage comprehensive individual and group conversations between adults and children. The third is language-modeling strategies that expand the child’s oral language skills and facilities development of abstract language. Language promotes communication. Communication skills are very important to children without language, it is difficult to know what they want and need and what is important to them. Languages help in expressing their ideas, hypotheses, emotions, desires, and all things that need expressions (Chomsky, 2006, p. 141). Communication activities provide opportunities for learners to use language with one another and with people in the community.

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